I was the only male in my women's study class of 200 or so. I, of course, attended all classes and I didn't have any problem with the class or (female) professor, as one would expect. However, I didn't feel welcome and felt ignored by my classmates. I did recognize the irony of the situation. » 2/09/14 9:18pm 2/09/14 9:18pm

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I want to make a simple change to the ending of LotR. My change is that at Mount Doom once Frodo is turned by The Ring, Gollum realizes how he himself has been ruined by The Ring. He then INTENTIONALLY gets the ring back and throws himself into the volcano. (Falling accidentally is crap storytelling.) Thus, the… » 1/22/14 8:43pm 1/22/14 8:43pm

While not the same idea as the article, I really like the propultion system in Emprise by Michael Kube-McDowell. It's called the Pushme-Pullyu Drive, and it projects a tiny black hole at some distance in front of the ship, such that the ship "falls" into it at 1g, and since the black hole is projected by the ship, the… » 1/16/14 6:45pm 1/16/14 6:45pm

For those who haven't been keeping up with the many Enderverse books, the one which follows Ender's Game is now Ender in Exile, not Speaker for the Dead. There is also The War of Gifts which takes place during EG. And First Meetings which covers the childhoods of some characters such as Bonso, Hot Soup, and Ender's… » 1/15/14 6:57am 1/15/14 6:57am

My wife became pregnant the first time we tried, and we were both 35. Yes, the first time. While we've always been diligent and very careful about birth control (and never had any sort of accident, failure, or forgetfulness), from then on, we were so aware of how fertile we apparently were! » 12/19/13 10:44pm 12/19/13 10:44pm