It was around 1982 or 1983 when I had purchased a Hayes 300 baud modem for $600 (which I still have). I would frequent various BBSes, but nothing memorable. But I did dial into the Internet at that time, namely Arpanet and commercial services that connected to it such as Tymnet and Telenet. There wasn't much at all… » 4/22/14 8:21am 4/22/14 8:21am

I was the only male in my women's study class of 200 or so. I, of course, attended all classes and I didn't have any problem with the class or (female) professor, as one would expect. However, I didn't feel welcome and felt ignored by my classmates. I did recognize the irony of the situation. » 2/09/14 9:18pm 2/09/14 9:18pm